In the article ECG Impulse Basics we covered normal electrical flow through the heart.

Dysrhythmias are variations to this electrical flow caused by disease states or other physiological abnormalities.

**Side note. Dysrhythmia and Arrhythmia may be used interchangeably at times but these terms are not interchangeable. The prefixes “DYS” and “A” have different meanings. Dys- is a prefix used to denote disease, abnormal, or faulty whereas the prefix a- or an-  denotes without or lacking. Therefore, a Dysrhythmia is an abnormal or faulty rhythm and Arrhythmia is without rhythm at all.**

Here we will take a look at the many different dysrhythmias. These will be grouped according to where the dysrhythmia takes place.

Sinus Rhythms

Atrial Dysrhythmias

Heart Blocks

Ventricular Dysrhythmias

Junctional Rhythms

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