So what? Philosophy

So what?

So what? Philosophy

So what? Why does this matter? 

Throughout the Nursing Unraveled website you will often see a “So What?” section in articles. This is my way to expand on these topics as to why the information presented is important. The goal of this project is not just to be another website where you go to find information, or to be a second textbook, but to get you thinking about nursing topics in different ways. 

These sections were originally going to be titled as “clinical significance” but this did not feel as though it was inline with what Nursing Unraveled should be. I did not want to just write words for you to read, but I want you to actively think about what the importance of these topics are in relation to a clinical setting. 

For me this “So what?” philosophy began a few years back while I was earning my first bachelors degree in Exercise Science. I completed a two semester internship in a biomechanics lab where the lab director, and my mentor, would often bring up the lab policy of “So what?”. 

This policy was an educational policy, not a research policy. By saying “So what?” we were asking why this topic is important. Knowing and learning information is great but how we use information is much more important. When you say “So what?” you are asking why this is important and how it may be applied.

While this philosophy officially came together during my internship, with some reflection I realized that this philosophy has always been present in my education. Every teacher, professor, and mentor that has worked to help me not only know information but think about information has reinforced this philosophy.

I strive to make you an active thinker, not an active reader, just as so many have done for me.

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